Computer Consulting & Support

Focused on the Technical Needs of Small Business

Intellicomp focuses on the technical needs of small business providing support, consulting and training. Combining years of experience in the business and technology world Intellicomp provides technical solutions by determining software and hardware solutions which will most effectively serve company needs. Because of this combined knowledge Intellicomp provides its clients with proven cost effective and time saving solutions. Intellicomp is able to analyze businesses technology needs and provide guidance and answers to help you run your business more effectively.

Extensive experience with Microsoft Small Business server, Windows networks and desktops.

Intellicomp can help you with Server, workstation and software solutions to best meet your onsite and offsite needs. With the vast array of software, apps and people offering products it can be a very confusing path to figure out how to best accomplish what you want to have done. The wrong solution can hamper your progress and make things overly cumbersome. Having someone with extensive knowledge can simplify things and get you started on the right path saving you time and money.

Intellicomp can provide support, consulting, training and assistance in the following areas which are common technical needs for business:

• Internet service provider selection and setup
• Network setup and configuration
• Mobile devices
• Remote access to work networks
• Software applications and installation
• Hardware selection and setup
• Digital photography
• Computer and network support and troubleshooting

 Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an affordable subscription-based solution for business class email and calendaring. It can be confusing as there are many different options that you can choose from. Whether you are just looking for Exchange email and calendaring or if you want to include Microsoft Office subscription with always up-to-date versions of Microsoft Office, they have a solution for you.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

And probably one of the most important area that is often neglected. Backup and disaster recovery. Though statistics vary, a large percentage of companies that do not have an adequate backup/disaster recovery plan do fail after a short period of time. Imagine what would happen to your company should you lose your customer and accounting data. The other issue is time of recovery. Many backup solutions only backup data and not whole systems. The data is the most critical but it takes extensive time to get the systems up and running before data can be restored.

Technical Support

Cost Effective Computer Support


Server and Network Setup

Workstation Application Support

Mobile Device Configuration

Remote Access

Backup Solutions


Datto Backup – Local and Cloud Backup

Barracuda – Local and Cloud Backup

MSP360 – Local and Cloud Backup

BackBlaze – Unlimited Workstation/Laptop Cloud Backup

Mailstore – Email Backup