Backup and disaster recovery is often an area that is not properly addressed by companies and individuals. With the growing risk of Ransomware, it is more important than ever to have good backups with point in time recovery. Though statistics vary, a large percentage of companies that do not have an adequate backup/disaster recovery plan do fail after a short period of time. Imagine what would happen to your company should you lose your customer and accounting data. Many backup solutions only backup data and not whole systems. This is problematic in that often times files are in use do not get backed up consistently. Because different programs store data in places that may not be included in backups. Also some data is stored in a format (like a SQL database) that cannot be safely backed up with a file backup program instead of a backup program that creates image file backups. Many times software and programs that were installed are not adequately kept track of and where the installation files and licenses are located may be unknown. The only way to be completed protected is to have a backup program that creates image files that are continually updated.

The other issue to be considered is time of recovery. The data is the most critical but it takes extensive time to get the systems up and running before data can be restored. Your business would most likely be down for days until your computer is fully functional again.

Intellicomp offers several solutions that will keep your data protected. They all provide you with local backup and disaster recovery in addition to automatically backing up your data to a secure and compliant offsite location. The following offers your a brief description of them with links to pages with more information.

Datto has built its reputation on innovative technology and a superior level of reliability. We feel these are the cornerstones of data protection, recovery and business continuity. In the innovation process we have introduced new concepts and proprietary technology.

These technologies are aimed at the pain points that solutions providers have with backing up, managing and restoring data both locally and in the cloud. When thinking about backup technology it’s best to split the major parts into three categories: Protect, Manage, and Recover. This brief will address each category, its challenges, and the end mission of providing an efficient and safe environment for storage and recovery.

Protecting Your Data Has Never Been

Natural disaster. Fire. Theft. Equipment Failures. Viruses. User error. These are just a few of many many threats to your business information. Luckily, there are backup solutions available to protect yourself from these business threats.

Affordable Pay Per Company Plan. Intronis has backup plans that charge per company and not per server or workstation. You pay for amount of offsite storage rather than per machine, making this one of your most affordable backup/disaster recovery options.

MSP360 is a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable. Backs up locally and to the cloud. A highly cost effective backup solution.

Backblaze helps you protect business data. Easily deployed across laptops and desktops. Centrally managed. Securing all your user data is an affordable unlimited backup solution. Extended Version History allows you to access previous versions of your data.

The Standard in Email Archiving

MailStore Server is one of the world’s leading solutions for email
archiving. Easy to install and 100-percent reliable in every situation