Malware &

Spam Protection

Because of the increasing dangers of malware attacks and computer infections It is important that everyone stay vigilant. In the past people would feel that they are safe if they have an antivirus program. Nothing could be further from the truth. No antivirus program will completely protect you. They may protect you from know malware but the bad guys are always creating new variants that will not be detected. Windows 10 comes with built in Windows Defender Antivirus which is all that you need from an Antivirus program. The vast majority of infections start with an email.

The best practice is if you are not expecting something don’t open it.

Security experts will tell you that the most important security step is to keep your Operating System and Programs up to date with security patches.

Statistics now show that in the last 10 years malware attacks have switched form 80% individuals doing the attacks and 20 percent by organizations to now the reverse with 80% of the attacks from organizations. What this means is that the attacks are much more sophisticated. They can now create more real looking and targeting attacks to trick you into opening them. They also use social networking to learn about companies to also better craft their attacks. This is called sprearphishing. In the past many of these emails were pretty obvious because of the look and the verbeage but not as much anymore. 90% of ransomware is coming through email so that is where you need to be most vigilant.

Another layer of protection is to have a firewall with a subscription service that allows you to block entire countries, give you gateway botnet and antivirus protection and deep packet inspection. The firewall that I recommend is SonicWALL

Also you need to be very wary about telephone scams. People will call you and pretend to be from Microsoft or a computer manufacture and say that they noticed you have problems on your computer. Microsoft will never call you saying this. The bad guys are trying to trick you into letting them connect to your computer. I have personally heard of cased where they locked the computer and only letting you back in if you pay them.